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Jasper is served by two Canadian Tri-weekly routes that run throughout the year. First is its flagship Route the Canadian that runs from Toronto to Vancouver via Edmonton and Winnipeg. It is a service stop on the Canadian and trains are scheduled to spend an hour and a half in the station with boarding for new passengers occurring a half hour before departure. The Westbound Canadian stops on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Eastbound is on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Seeing the train in the station and leaving from the path that goes above the rail yard is quite impressive. In October when I photographed it the train had 18 1950s Stainless Steel Cars, a modern Colorado Railcar Single Level Ultradome Panorama Cars plus a Baggage Car (20 cars in total) pulled by two F40-PH2 Locomotives. In addition to length what made this train even more impressive were 3 half-dome Skyline cars plus the dome of the Park Car still with a bullet lounge at the end of the train.

The other VIA service to serve the station is formerly called the Skeena, now just called Jasper-Prince George-Prince Rupert, it runs daylight only service (an overnight stay, book a hotel room, is required in Prince George) over two days using a few coaches and a Parc car that is reversed in peak (mid June through September) for Touring class passengers that as of 2012 only get cold complimentary meal service. In early October, when I photographed it, it looked like a real whistle stop train with two Stainless Steel Coaches plus a Parc and baggage car. It arrives in Jasper from the west on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the early evening and departs on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays around noon.

When I visited in October 2011 VIA also had (which is standard) F40PH-2 #6406 painted with the Green Choice and for some reason idling away, and HEP2 Stainless Steel Coach #4122 parked outside the train yard near the depot.
All photos taken on 29 October, 2011

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Inside the station, the white board where the consist is written so passengers can better find their cars. The westbound side is blank, no westbound train today
The hand written white-board sign for the consist of the Canadian that will depart this afternoon for Toronto with 20 cars! Including not one but two dining cars
F40PH-2 #6406 randomly idling right next to the station for back-up power
The front of the Canadian stopped at Jasper
F40PH-2 #6436 on the Canadian at its service stop at Jasper
Two of the dome cars of the Canadian
A close-up of a dome Skyline car
Looking down the consist, the newest car in it (by at least 45 years), a year 200 Colorado Railcar single level Ultradome Panorama Car sticks out like a sore thumb
The Canadian starts to pull out of Jasper
The Crew and Baggage car
Two of the dome cars
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Station|VIA Rail Trains|Rocky Mountaineer Trains
Home<Canada<Rocky Mountaineer<Jasper Station
Home<Canada<VIA Rail Canada<Jasper Station
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