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Waterfront Station is the major Intermodal Station for Downtown Vancouver. It is the original Canadian Pacific Passenger Rail Station for the city and where Transcontinental CP Trains from Toronto and Montreal terminated until the last VIA train left in 1979. By that time SeaBus to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver had already began operation in 1977. Sea Bus uses two docks that connect to the outside world first by going up at four escalators to a long walkway passing over the CP train yard. Getting closer to the exit and station they first come to the doors and entrance to the West Coast Express that uses a rebuilt rail platform and was opened in 1995 and then the entrance to SkyTrain Expo Line opened in 1985 taking over a former platform and two of the tracks. Then passengers finally pass through more doors and come into the main historic station house. This building has gotten the restored shopping mall treatment. For instance there are no more benches for passengers waiting for trains. It has a separate entrance area for the Canada Line and white columns on redbrick both inside and outside of the main entrance doors on the northern edge of downtown along Cordova Street.

Faregates:The main entrances to the SkyTrain Expo, Mellinum Line that continues to SeaBus are too narrow for faregates. Instead one long row of fare gates for all three lines is directly inside the station, West Coast Express riders will have to tap at the fare gates and than tap at Targets to pay for the additional West Coast Express fare. Passnegers connecting to the Canada Line will get a free transfer but it will be outside of fare control with tapping out here and then walking through the station to the Canada Line's Fare control area that is past its entrance, already underground.

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A newsstand in the middle of the little shopping mall
7 October, 2011
The main entrance to SkyTrain Expo and Millennium Lines, SeaBus and West Coast Express
7 October, 2011
A pillar for the station outside with picture grams for all modes
7 October, 2011
The colonnade
7 October, 2011
The former Canadian Pacific Railway Station
7 October, 2011
The Canada Line entrance
7 October, 2011
A side view
7 October, 2011
The doors to the Expo and Millennium Line, SeaBus and West Coast Express
7 October, 2011
Approaching from the water on SeaBus
8 October, 2011
Another view from SeaBus
8 October, 2011
The front of the station
9 October, 2011
An early, empty Thanksgiving Morning
10 October, 2011
The entrance to SkyTrain, West Coast Express, and the SeaBus
16 April, 2014
The faregates lead to all three and Helijet don't think that service (excursion helicopters) will accept Compass
16 April, 2014
The extra-wide ADA faregate has a divider between it and the rest. TVMs and original generation ticket validators are in the new fare paid zone. West Coast Express tickets can't be purchased until you get to its landing
16 April, 2014
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