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Waterfront is the downtown terminus of the Expo Line and all Millennium Line trains since they are through routed via the Expo Line into downtown. The station took over a former track area of the Canadian Pacific Station, and has a single island platform with a relay area where trains turn around beyond the station (like the other two SkyTrain terminals), the station feels almost like its underground because just beyond it, trains enter the tunnel through downtown Vancouver. The SkyTrain platform is right next to the West Coast Express Platform with a mesh wall separating two of the tracks. The station has two entrances, one at either end of the platform. At the eastbound end (really westbound because trains have looped around through the downtown tunnel to reach the station) an up escalator and staircase lead up to a passageway with entrances to the Sinclair Center and Waterfront Center as well as two escalators up to the non-accessible Howe Street entrance at the Eastern corner of Howe Street and Cordova Street. The main entrance is at the opposite end of the platform where two escalators, a staircase and an elevator lead up to the main entrance area right across from the entrance to the West Coast Express platform with doors on the opposite side that lead to the walkway across the rail yards to reach SeaBus, and also the main entrance doors from transit into the historic CP Waterfront Station (and the Canada Line).
All photos taken on October 7, 8, or 9, 2011, 23-26: 16 April, 2014

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Stepping off of trains
Signs for all the transfers on a pillar
Overlooking the West Coast Express. The SkyTrain Station is elevated a bit
The doors to the main exit to Waterfront Station
The entrance mezzanine
Plaque for Joseph Perrault, an important federal senator
SkyTrain Inauguration Plaque
Mark-II #317 to VCC-Clark boards passengers
Platform signs, map of the complicated station and of the Transit Connections
The Howe Street exit
The walkway to the Howe Street exit
Mark-I #076 terminates
Mark-II #307 in the station
Close-up of floorplan
In the passageway to Howe Street
Up the lower escalator to Howe Street
The TVMs and lower concourse for Howe Street
The exit to the convention center and Canada Place
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