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Stadium-Chinatown is a SkyTrain Station directly at the tunnel portal to the tunnel beneath downtown Vancouver. The presently main opened portion of the station is two-tracks (one for each direction) with an island platform in between. There is a third track with its own platform. This was built for special Expo service directly to the Waterfront. Since the stop is near Chinatown, Chinese characters are on some of the signs at the station entrances. Since the station is built on a hill it has two very different entrances. At the eastern end of the station a wide staircase leads down to Expo Blvd and is the closest staircase to Rogers Arena and BC Place. The opposite end of the station has an up escalator/staircase (and elevator) up to an intermediate level where the TVMs are, along with an elevator. From here on the same level is an exit to International Village, another staircase/up escalator and elevator lead up to the East corner of Dunsmuir Street and Beatty Street on the edge of downtown Vancouver.

Faregates: The lower entrance area has recieved normal faregates plus an area only with targets that can be opened (and manned) for more efficient boarding in the constrianed space before and after events
Photos 1-15 taken on 27 September, 2011, 16 & 17: 13 April, 2014

Another view across to Dunsmuir Street
Station entrance, a modern sign
Approaching the intermediate level before the platform and the entrance to International Village
The crowded island platform with rush hour commuters
Mark-II #245 stops
A platform sign
The Out at the eastern end of the platform
The BC Place and Rodgers Arena entrance
TVMs in the lower entrance
Outdoor view of the lower entrance
The entrance from International Plaza
The glass walled staircase in the middle of the platform
Looking into the lower station entrance with new faregates
Home<Canada<Vancouver SkyTrain<Expo Line<Stadium - Chinatown
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