King George
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King George is the terminus (for now, proposals exist to extend the line farther south into dense Surry) for the Expo Line. The stop has two side platforms and trains enter on an exit platform (with no entry signs at its bottom) and go beyond the station to relay on one of two tracks before re-entering service and the station on the opposite track and platform. Each platform has a single staircase and elevator down to a lower entrance area at street level. This area has a few entrances and is surrounded by a bus loop for buses to further destinations, and a parking lot. The station is off of King George Blvd that seems pedestrian unfriendly with no traffic lights nearby. The street opposite (the station's bus loop and parking lots take up the entire block) is East Whalley Ring Road
All photos taken on 9 October, 2011

Getting off of a train that has just terminated
Do not enter the platform where passengers exit terminating trains
The main station entrance
The bus loop and two emergency exit staircases
One of the station driveways
A Mark-I car wrapped with an ad for Crime Stoppers in the relay area
The last beam of the slim but weathering a bit elevated structure
A wider angle view of the end of the elevated structure it is above a bike path
A train of Mark-Is for Waterfront is about to enter service
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