Commercial - Broadway Platforms 3 & 4
Millennium Line - Platforms 1 & 2
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Platforms 3 and 4 at Commercial - Broadway are strangely numbered as they are the original station platform for the Expo Line. Millennium Line trains stop their as well with the optional transfer provided to those same trains since they form a giant loop. The stop has a single island platform with an up escalator/staircase, elevator, staircase, and two escalators leading down to a street level station lobby at the SE corner of Broadway and Commercial Drive. At the northern end of the platform directly between the two tracks (that stay apart) a bridge crosses over Broadway and leads to the upper level of the Millennium Line station entrance where a set of escalators, a staircase lead down to it for transferring passengers.
Photos 1-8: 7 October, 2011, 9: 8 October, 2011, 10-14: 16 April, 2014

The transfer passageway
The mesh walls of the track edges
The main expo line entry area just beneath that platform
Staircases to the expo line platform
The main expo line entrance opposite the entrance to the millennium line
A crowd of transferring passengers to the expo line
The main entrance hall beneath the Expo Line Platform with fare gates
The 2 Car Train2Main Shuttle Train (its going all the way to Waterfront) enters service
Th Main Street train enters service at Platform 3
Mark-II #313 at the back of the 2 Car Train2Main
Home<Canada<Vancouver SkyTrain<Expo Line<Commercial - Broadway Platforms 3 & 4
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