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Vancouver City Centre is an underground Canada Line Station with a single island platform. This platform has a staircase, up escalator/staircase and an elevator up to an intermediate mezzanine where a fence is designed to keep boarding and detraining passengers separated before it leads to underground entrances to the underground shopping concourses of Vancouver Center (that includes a full block underground connection to the Expo and Millennium Lines at Granville) as well as the Pacific Center. There is a staircase with a up and down escalator on each side and its own canopy and little building up to the SW corner of Granville and Georgia Street. Just beyond this entrance is also the top landing of an elevator shaft that is separate in front of Sears. A staircase down to the shopping concourse across Granville Street is signed for the Canada Line as well.
All Photos Unless Otherwise Noted taken on 7 October, 2011

The fare control area with the fence to keep arriving and departing passengers separate
27 September, 2011
The wide mezzanine area
Passengers get off a train
Approaching the station exit
The Fare Paid Zone entrance
Vancouver Centre Entrance with the underground connection
Pacific Centre entrance
The main wide street exit
This strange large print picture greets passengers
Plaque for the picture
The separate elevator entrance at street level
A station entrance through the shopping concourse of Vancouver Centre
8 October, 2011
Inside Vancouver Centre the mezzanine of the Canada Line is visible way beyond
9 October, 2011
Car #113 stops
9 October, 2011
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