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Toronto is one of the few American cities that never got rid of its streetcars, they still have an extensive system of 11 routes (#501 to #512) that connect downtown with the surrounding areas. Most of the lines are street running, and stop in the middle of the street to let off passengers. Other lines though do run on their own private ROW in the middle of boulevards. The system also goes underground for short sections to provide better connections to the Subway Lines with stations at Union and Spadina. The tunnel from Union Station is relatively long and the streetcars have their own intermediate underground station at Queens Quay/Ferry Docks. All Streetcars pictured are CRLV L2s. Although CRLV L1s, the prototypes for these cars, and articulated ARLV L3s, also are in current operation.
Home<Canada<Toronto TTC<Streetcars<Street Running
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