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Shelley is the name of a railroad siding with a few houses surrounded by trees that does appear on Google Maps. Passenger trains that pass through it (sometimes waiting for a scheduled meet) are Rocky Mountaineers Rain Forest to Gold Rush (Fraser Discovery) Route and VIA Rail's Jasper-Prince George-Prince Rupert. It gets its own station page because on my Rainforest to Gold Rush Trip the two locomotives managed to break down due to an un-resolvable computer issue and I spent 6 hours there on my Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf Car from 11:30 to 5:30. First enjoying lunch, then the vestibule to get air, not enjoying the smell of the washrooms from it. First they tried to resolve the issue with the locomotives before the train was slowly pulled off to upload one car at a time at the grade crossing for in the area (luckily very lightly used so we only delayed a few cars) of Beaver Forest Road before it turns and becomes Leopold Road. At this grade crossing we were put on buses (mine was a coach belonging to Northern Health Connections, it provides low-cost bus service from remote British Columbia Communities to the major cities for medical appointments) to Jasper, stopping at the train station in McBride for a quick rest stop, and finally arriving in Jasper with the hour-lost time change around midnight. As we were getting on our buses a lone CN locomotive pulled behind us and waited, the rescue locomotive that eventually pulled our train to Jasper (so it could be attached to the next days Journey Through the Clouds to get back to the yard in Kamloops) arriving at 6:30am the next morning.
All photos taken on 30 September, 2011

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Just arrived at the siding, this time just waiting for a westbound freight to pass us
The Rocky Mountaineer takes the siding and the CN sign visible
The Shelley sign
Looking down the tracks from Shelley in the foliage
A CN freight approaches the grade crossing and interlocking
Since the train has broken down we might as well enjoy lunch at Shelley
The houses beyond the siding sign
A railroads nightmare: having to bus passengers, the slow process of detraining at a grade crossing has started
Looking down the two tracks of the siding
Another bus has arrived
Trespassers on the tracks, this time they might be able to be forgiven a broken train is unloading at their public grade crossing
A car can't cross the tracks, the Rocky Mountaineer has broken down and is unloading
The rear of the train briefly crosses the grade crossing to allow vehicles to pass
Two of the buses
A line of now 3 buses
Passengers load onto the last bus, the rest have left
Luckily a bus was found with a Wheelchair lift (and medical supplies), this bus is used for medical travel from rural areas to cities
A rescue locomotive is finally spotted from the rear vestibule
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