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North Vancouver is the station where the Rocky Mountaineer Sea to Sky Climb departs for Whistler and is located at the end of Philip Avenue, in an industrial area across from the entrance to a large CN intermodal container hub. The stop is in use from Mid-May to Late September 5 out of 7 days a week . When not in use the station entrance where motorcoaches drop off passengers is locked and closed off behind a chain-linked fence with green opaque sheeting blocking off all views to the platform. The station platform consists of just a concrete sidewalk with a yellow line and little step units are used for easy access up into the vestibules of the cars. Two Mobile Lifts are on the platform for disabled guests. The only form of shelter is a large wooden shelter set back from the track with some cafe style chairs and a table set up for departures with coffee and some muffin nibbles. There are also a few tents, one that contains a movable desk where the few passengers that do not use the complimentary motor coach service from various hotels in downtown Vancouver check in. Passengers using the coaches from the hotels get their boarding passes (with seat assignments) in the hotel receptions and just have to board the train upon arrival.
All photos taken on 28 September, 2011

Rocky Mountaineer Station|Historic PGE Station
The station is alongside a CN warehouse that has heavy logging operations
Passengers get off a motor coach at the gate to the platform inside the rail yard for the last Sea to Sky Climb Trip of 2011
A passenger in the vestibule of the last coach of the train, not being used for boarding
Tents and a shelter, the few amenities of North Whistler Station
A Whistler Sea to Sky Climb check in desk inside a tent
The other wooden shelter
Staircase up to the shelter
Passengers walk down the platform and are directed to their car (just 5 running today)
Whistler Classic Car #3 and the two dome cars beyond (the front car of the train is the crew car, reserved for them)
The Henry Pickering Observation Car
Whistler Dome Class (the last round-trip these cars will make on that route) get the red carpet treatment and two flags like Gold Leaf
Lumber beyond the platform at North Vancouver, this is also the crew car, just beyond the Authorized Personnel Only sign
Looking back down the platform
Cafe style chairs in the wooden shelter
Leaving Vancouver on the train, getting the traditional wave off from the station crew
Rocky Mountaineer Station|Historic PGE Station
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