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McKernan/Belgravia is a brand-new (opened on April 25/26, 2009) Light Rail Station. The stop is located at street level on the west side of the major street 114 Street NW. The station has a single island platform located between 76 Avenue and 77 Avenue NW. The island platform has ramps that lead down and have pedestrian crossings across only the South Campus-bound track. Passengers who wish to access the otherside (east side) of 114 Street must use the pedestrian underpass that was incorporated into the station (also provides a safer way for schoolchildren at the adjacent school to cross busy 114 Street. The underpass has fairly large footprint ramp and a stair structures at either side of the 114 Street and the light rail tracks. Pedestrians are no longer allowed to cross 114 Street at street level, all crosswalks have been removed. Access to the platform from this underpass is via only a staircase up, for accessible access these passengers must use the ramp up to the neighborhood on the west side of the station, and crossover to the platforms using the grade crossings, these pedestrian crossings don't have their own crossing arms, just a flashing bell system and gates that say 'look' on them. The station platform has a simple island platform with a non-continuos canopy, there are various canopies at angles along the platform. There are a couple of enclosed by glass areas on the platform, these are where the station's TVMs are so the platform has a much less clearly defined POP area compared to the older LRT stations.

Looking across 114 Street at U2 #1026 pulling into the LRT station, one side of the station's tunnel is in the foreground
The large and well landscaped ramp and staircases down to the underpass to the LRT station
Looking down the quite wide station underpass
Artwork in the underpass
The narrow direct staircase up to the station platform.
At this station POP is only required when entering trains
Yes the temperature is really
-4ºC (25ºF)! on the morning of May 19
U2 #1001 for Clairview approaches
U2 #1001 enters
Repainted U2 #1023 and a 3 LRV long train stop at the station bound for Clairview
The TVMs in their little area directly on the island platform
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