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Health Sciences is a station on the newest southern extension of the light rail line. The station has a completely different layout than the older stations further north, built at least 15 years early. It feels like the average station on any modern Light Rail line in North America. It and the other new stations are the only ones where actual fare control could not be easily re-implemented. Just north of the station the train line comes out of its tunnel beneath the University. The tunnel portals are easily visible from the station's island platform. The island platform has a simple glass canopy, the tracks are left out in the open. There are various benches on the station platform though mostly surrounded by glass to protect passengers from the brutal Alberta winters, but other than that not the typical enclosed station exit area. The station's one exits are via short ramps down to ground level at either end of the platforms. The northern end is a simple pathway pedestrian grade crossing but is complete with crossing-arms. The southern exit leads to the northern sidewalk at a grade crossing that is parallel to a street. There crossing gates for the street and also for the sidewalks.
Artwork: I Witness, By Holly Newman, 2003. It consists of various lettering along the sides of glass enclosed areas. There also footprints in the concrete of the station platform

SD-160 #1050 and a 3 car train enters the tunnel portal
SD-160 #1050
An entrance ramp up
A modern ETS station sign saying the current time and temperature
A station sign
A narrow entrance post sign
Footprints in the concrete along the station platform
Another entrance ramp
U2 #1003 just pokes its front out of tunnel portal
U2 #1003 continues approaching the station
U2 #1003 continues
Repainted U2 #1003 and a 3 LRV long train stop at the station
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