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Clareview is the northern terminus of Edmonton Light Rail Transit. Terminating trains use cross-over switches before the station and relay at the station's single island platform, the island platform that every LRT station has. Basically the entire length of the platform and tracks are enclosed with a station shed. This enclosed area have glass walls along the edges of the tracks, and some skylights in the ceiling, allowing lots of natural light into the station. Stained glass images showing transit scenes in Edmonton's history are included in sections of these glass walls as part of Edmonton's one percent to the arts inititive. The stations main enclosed exit corridor is located in a pedestrian underpass beneath the station. Two separate stairwells that are enclosed (begin with doors along the island platform), and an elevator shaft lead down to this simple, fairly narrow concrete underground passageway. In this underground area the station's TVMs begin and the poof-of-payment area begins at the bottom of the staircases and lower-landing of the elevator. This underground underpass has entrance doors on both sides of the station, these lead to two separate bus loops, Clareview East and Clareview West. Both sides have an outdoor, exposed staircase and a winding ramp that lead up from each side of the Light Rail Station. Both sides also have the station's series of parking lots and there are more than a thousand spaces in all. This side has an additional much more simple entrance/exit that consists of a ramp down from the northern end of island platform, continues straight a bit before turning and providing a secondary exit to the east side of the station beyond the eastern track's bumper block. This entrance doesn't have any access to a TVM and large signs on the open gate that leads to this entrance tell people that proof of payment is required and that fare equipment is available at concourse level through main entrance.

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An illuminated Clareview station sign along the wall of the one of the tracks.
U2 #1001 stopped.
The bumper block
The ramp up to the platform from the secondary east sides entrance
Singage on secondary entrance telling people that their entering a POP area and fare payment equipment is in the main concourse
The Clareview East sign, yes it's only 2ÂșC in May.
Exterior stairs and a ramp lead down to the east entrance
The long ramp
Inside the long passageway beneath additional freight tracks to West Parking
The west entrance
The Clareview West signpole
Approaching the center of the mezzanine.
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Home<Canada<Edmonton's Light Rail Transit<Clareview
Edmonton's LRT

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