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Welcome to Canada.SubwayNut.com, a subsite of SubwayNut.com, a website dedicated to photos of the stations of rail based transit systems in Canada. This website contains photos of rail lines in every Canadian City that has one except for Vancouver. Every light rail station in Edmonton, Calgary, and Ottawa, every SkyTrain in Vancouver and every subway station in Toronto has even been photographed!

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  • Toronto, ON:
    Toronto's TTC Toronto Transit Commission's Subway, Rapid Transit, & Trolley
    The main rail based transit in Toronto's largest city consists of a busy post-war subway system of 69 stations on three lines, the 6 station Scarborough Rapid Transit Line, and 11 streetcar lines running through downtown. The city's streetcar system didn't fully go the way of buses like most North American Cities.
    GO Transit GO Transit Rail
    Go Transit is the Suburban Toronto Metropolitan's area Regional rail and regional bus system. It's rail operation consists of 7 lines and 69 stations. A good portion of its rail service is during peak direction rush hours only, 3 lines have weekday non-peak hour service, and only 2 have weekend service. This was the transit system that the Bombardier BiLevel Coach was built for, now found on at least 12 other Commuter Rail Systems in the US and Canada
  • Edmonton, AB:
    Edmonton Edmonton Light Rail Transit
    This line is currently only 13 stations long, 6 are underground stations in the city centre. It was the first modern light rail line to open, in 1978, in North America, pioneering POP fare payment and the various systems that various cities have since built
  • Ottawa, ON:
    O-Train OC Transpo's O-Train
    The only rail based transit currently found in Ottawa is this tiny, demonstration 5 station Diesel MU Light Rail Line. It has only 5 stations and is entirely single tracked except at the central station. The rest of Ottawa's transit system consists of Transitways, which are exclusive busways for express buses from downtown.
  • Vancover, BC:
    Sky Train SkyTrain
    This is the largest Automated People Mover Based Transit System in the World consisting of 47 stations on 3 lines. It is really two completely different incompatible systems and each of the 3 lines has their own distinct fonts and signs. The Expo Line opened beginning in 1986 in time for the expo, the Millennium Line that is just an extension of and through routed with the Expo Line opened in 2000. The Canada Line opened in time for 2010 Olympics and uses incompatible technology with the other two lines.
    GO Transit West Coast Express
    This is a 40 mile, 8 station Commuter Rail Line that runs just 5 peak direction rush hour trips each weekday out to Mission run by the Canadian Pacific using the standard Bombardier BiLevel Coaches.
  • Calgary, AB:
    Calgary Calgary Transit's C-Train
    This is the most successful (in terms of annual ridership) light rail system in US/Canada! It consists of two lines operating to 37 stations. Unlike Edmonton's it has no underground stations and runs down a transit mall providing free rides within downtown. It also is high-level.
    This section is coming soon!
  • Montreal, QC:
    Montreal Metro Montreal Metro
    The Montreal Metro is an entirely underground rubber tired metro system. It first opened in 1966 before the expo in '67. It's inspiration came from the rubber tired metro lines of Paris. Unfortunately because of the harsh winters in Montreal, the system must be completely underground, for its 68 stations.
    This section is coming soon!
    Montreal Metro AMT Commuter Trains
    This is suburban Montreal's Commuter Rail System, it consists of 5 lines, 4 run conventionally with diesels, one is electrified because it has to pass through a tunnel.
    This system was only limited photographed!
  • Country Wide:
    VIA Rail Canada VIA Rail Canada
    VIA is Canada's National Passenger Rail Provider. The vast concentration of its service is on The Corridor, for various trains between Windsor, ON and Quebec City, QC, and all the major cities in between. There is still skeletal service on the tri-weekly transcontinental Canadian from Vancouver to Toronto, and 6 days a week service on the Ocean from Montreal to Halifax. Seven other long distance trains do operate, these all serve areas that don't have road access, and may provide the only way to access some remote areas. For example, the bi-weekly Hudson Bay provides the only passenger land connection to Churchill since there's no road to this town.
  • Canadian Rockies, BC and AB:
    VIA Rail Canada The Rocky Mountaineer
    The Rocky Mountaineer is the largest privately operated passenger railroad in North America and is a tourist train. It runs three routes from Vancouver or Whistler to Jasper or Banff/Calgary via overnight stops in Kamloops or Quesnel. Passengers must travel the entire routes and all tickets include a hotel room at the overnight stop. The routes operate seasonally (May-September) once or twice a week. An addition day train, the Whistler Mountaineer (Sea to Sky Climb) runs from North Vancouver to Whistler five times a week in season. The train is a rail cruise and fares are much higher than any regular passenger train.
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